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my 1st award
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

movies vs story books

this is 1 very interesting topic i chose to write on. it was one of the topics for my gd. 

firstly lets divide the movies:- those inspired by story books and those based on the story books. the former are those which take ideas from the books and the latter are those which are carbon copies of the books.the pictures above show a movie inspired from a book. 3 idiots was a movie inspired by chetan bhagats 5.some1..............not a carbon copy as the story lines deviated in the second half of the film. we have the namesake, an excellent adaptation of the book...i must say it is a very good attempt to make a film based on this book. then we have P.S. I LOVE YOU.......the film did not live upto my expectations. the book helped emote more. how much can you film from a 3 hours it is practically impossible to film a 300 page book....right???????????then the twilight series........i have personally read none but have friends who have read all....they told me the book was much better than the movies.......yes they could be right. a good movie is based on the type of producers, the director, the actors, the shooting and much more. a flaw in any of them would leave the audiences either confused or wanting for more or maybe disappointed...well some say that reading books improves your vocabulary but today with channels like star movies and hbo and pix giving subtitles, you not only get to learn new words but also you get their correct pronunciation.fairy tales like alice in wonderland will always be referred to as a fairy tale(novel) not really as a movie.but how many people can really read novels. a 300 page book white with black print.....yawn!!!!!!!some cannot read but can clearly understand by mere speech. so here movies score a point.also we have Shakespeare who had the most polished and high usage of words. his play othello was translated to omkara and thus many around came to know that a play called othello existed.......the passion of excellent movie which brought about awareness among the audiences and depicted the way in which Jesus Christ was tortured and put to death. not many knew the pain he went through until they saw it. how many would read the HOLY BIBLE where it was written........
MY TAKE: movies are good for those who have no time to read books and books are for those who like to get their imagination running wild and who have a bend towards reading.........
P.S. i hardly read books.........

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