my 1st award

my 1st award
friendship award

Thursday, May 27, 2010

mother of mine

Amidst all the laughter and tears,
it's been 20 long years,
Everyday with you,
is like a lesson so new.
It started when i was born,
and in your life came dawn.
You hoped to see in me,
the things you could not be.
But foolish was I, who misunderstood, 
and did not realize that it was for my own good.
Yet you never gave up, you never lost hope,
In difficult times, you helped me cope.
As time went by and i grew,
I started realizing life's value.
I understood that you were always there for me,
And how blind I was, I did not see.
You helped me conquer all my fears,
you dried away all my tears.
Yet i hurt you, i made you cry,
you took it all without a sigh.
You always tried to get me on the right line,
so that one day like a star, I can shine.
From today I have decided that i will never let you down,
because i cannot bear to see you frown.
I will bring back that smile on your face,
and emerge successful in life's race.
Just be there with me always dear mum,
and together we will see life's precious gifts come.
Mumma you are my best friend 
and this friendship will never end

P.S. i wrote this poem for my mum on her birthday.........writing poems is 1 of my hobbies


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