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my 1st award
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

is luck as important as hardwork

there is a very well known saying' success=99%perspiration+1%inspiration........oki maybe the 1% inspiration is true, but 99%perspiration???????perspiration obviously refers to hard work....but does only hard work really bring you success??i guess not.for instance Madam Curie. it is a well known fact that she discovered radium. but did she toil hard to discover it. no! it was a mistake she committed in her experiment which led to the discovery of radium. so here hard work did not come into was sheer luck!!!!the well known famous Amitabh Bachchans Aishwarya Rai's i mean Abhishekh Bachchan........did you get what i wanted to portray?????no? oki the poor junior bachchan is still struggling to make an identity of his own..all his life he will be tagged as the formers son or the latter's husband, until he does something extraordinary! here there is luck overflowing. maybe you can say that he was born with a golden spoon. but in vain, luck has not favored him . we have Sonia Gandhi who is a dynamic personality on the political front. she is the pseudo prime minister you can say. but inspite of all the hard work she puts in she can never become the pm. i guess you know why! lets get to the wider aspect of this 'luck factor'. there were so many people who did not enter the ill fated WTC on that dooms day just because they missed a train or woke up late.....i consider that luck. and that luck saved their lives. they did not work hard to get late! did they? they emerged successful in life's race!. the very fact that you get up each day, can walk, can talk, can eat etc just shows that luck is on your side. you never when this luck will leave you and 1 day you may never wake up. so where does all the hard work go? well i am not being luck centric. just pointing out certain aspects and events which show that luck is equally important to be successful. so lets change the formula to SUCCESS=50%PERSPIRATION+49%LUCK+1%INSPIRATION

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