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my 1st award
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Sunday, May 30, 2010


oki reading the title or even thinking of it may confuse you as to why i chose this to blog on. but let me tell you it is just the best way to vent your here is more theorotical than practical..alll our school life we just spend time mugging history geography...remembering our dear leaders who have done so much for our country or maybe for their own personal stufff!!!!!!! is it really required to study about them in detail? ii don't think so! anyway then we come to college exploring the wonderful life of passing with a mere 105 marks in fyjc then studying hard to make it in the board exams.....and thus our journey just goes these years of hard work how much has changed with each year going by. first in 2004 the board introduced 4 question paper sets in math in ssc which screwed my performance........then in hsc questions which never came all the past years came in my paper just to prove to me that you did not study i hear the ssc results are best of  5 subjects!!!! were they sleeping during my exams....then now in the recent bsc examination the university suddenly decided to change our time table mid frustrates you know.....well i may break the screen in frustration if i write thats it......
P.S. not many will like this blog because they may have not witnessed the shortcomings of the IES......

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  1. i hear u friend! :P u know its just the mah-uni rules that suck!
    and our luck!