my 1st award

my 1st award
friendship award

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1st blog n my chickenz bday

i'm new at please bear with me. do not criticize too harshly but comments will be appreciated. wow !!!!!!!! the line above was given by my friend who also happens  to be a blogger.
ok now the person in the above picture is chicken. this is on her birthday( the smashed cake gives you a hint).  she was still sleeping when we reached her house. wow what a perfect way to surprise the birthday girl. then we woke her up. and what followed suite is quite evident from the picture. she was sporting enough to pose for this picture. i guess all her sleep vanished with the sugar and butter and cream and whatever else present in the cake....yes thats how i started that funny day..a perfect way to start a hot summers day ..........

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