my 1st award

my 1st award
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


the pictures above tell you loud and clear about the various new releases i watched.
the 1st movie(rajneeti)
director Prakash Jha has indeed made a multidimensional political tale revolving around the dirty game of politics. to start with we have naseruddin shah who leads a political party against the then strong politician..he has in his party, the strong politicians daughter supporting him..the professional support soon turns into a personal one leading to the birth of ajay devgan.....its no i did not state the climax.......then the movie moves to all the kids of Bharti( i do not know her name), her husband, her brother in law and from there politics start..........manoj bajpai cleverly tries to gain his fathers trust but in vain.....arjun rampal and his father gets the entire party to obviously it is not well digested by manoj bajpai....ranbir kapoor who comes just for a holiday to celebrate his uncle's birthday slowly and steadily gets involved in the venomous game and also ajay devgan at about the same time.....then family politics start and the family begins to tear apart with manoj and ajay on one side and ranbir and arjun on the other......katrina who plays a little insignificant role in the beginning gains a little importance in the middle of the film when just for the financing of the party ranbir forces katrina against her wishes to marry arjun....then comes the interval....after that ruthless bloodshed followed by broken hearts gain impetus. everyone begin to fall out just like the game of chess that ranbir plays,almost throughout the movie. finally when there is no one left katrina becomes the political leader......the end.........
all in all the movie in its first half was extremely crisp and did make sense. after the interval it lost its charm. because at the rate ranbir was nailing so many coffins it looked like he would be the sole survivor. i mean you cannot go on a rampant killing and get out of it so easily as he did. plus the end was hurried off with katrina campaigning here and there. nana patekar's dialogue delivery with a smile all throughout showed the amazing acting skills that came from within him. all the actors did justice to their roles so maybe if the movie lost out on ratings it is only because prakash jha failed to maintain the charm till the end.........
the 2nd  movie(sex and the city 2)
director Michael Patrick king has forgotten one thing that you should age with grace and not focus more on getting young or for that matter hideously stylish..Sarah Jessica parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis. the four facelifted friends.......i hope you understand why face lifted.
the factitious look they potrayed just made them look over the top.
the film was just a farce. well the story revolved completely around abu dabi , a dry desert. the story line was tolerable, thats like the only thing i liked in the film.Chris Noth hardly had any part to play in cannot really decide whether he was good. Penelope Cruz was a treat to the eye or i must i say " a saving grace" to the old looking film. i guess the actors have become either self obsessed or too old to really act in films and yes it very clearly shows.
the only thing i like about the 1st and the 2nd part is the strong bond among the 4 friends.thats all that is worth watching.............................
3rd movie(the karate kid)
the best of the 3.
director Harold Zwart has very well shown the bond that forms between an unlikely Kung Fu teacher and his his equally unlikely student. Jaden Smith has definitely inherited his acting skills from his father Will Smith. the character Dre Parker has been well crafted and tailored and Jaden Smith was befitting the role. his mother Sherri Parker played by Taraji Henson also gave justice to her role. Jackie Chan though old was still undeniably fit and swift in his role as a kung fu teacher.....the story involved around a boy who was constantly bullied by his class mates and thus awakened in him the desire to fight back and conquer his fears.......
the entire journey of Dre parker from being a feeble boy to a well trained kung fu student keeps you gripped till the last match where he emerges victorious. i guess the message given through the film is"try and try till you succceed" and "fear is just a state of the mind".......its a nice pleasant movie.......worth the ticket money.............. 

Sunday, May 30, 2010


oki reading the title or even thinking of it may confuse you as to why i chose this to blog on. but let me tell you it is just the best way to vent your here is more theorotical than practical..alll our school life we just spend time mugging history geography...remembering our dear leaders who have done so much for our country or maybe for their own personal stufff!!!!!!! is it really required to study about them in detail? ii don't think so! anyway then we come to college exploring the wonderful life of passing with a mere 105 marks in fyjc then studying hard to make it in the board exams.....and thus our journey just goes these years of hard work how much has changed with each year going by. first in 2004 the board introduced 4 question paper sets in math in ssc which screwed my performance........then in hsc questions which never came all the past years came in my paper just to prove to me that you did not study i hear the ssc results are best of  5 subjects!!!! were they sleeping during my exams....then now in the recent bsc examination the university suddenly decided to change our time table mid frustrates you know.....well i may break the screen in frustration if i write thats it......
P.S. not many will like this blog because they may have not witnessed the shortcomings of the IES......

Thursday, May 27, 2010

mother of mine

Amidst all the laughter and tears,
it's been 20 long years,
Everyday with you,
is like a lesson so new.
It started when i was born,
and in your life came dawn.
You hoped to see in me,
the things you could not be.
But foolish was I, who misunderstood, 
and did not realize that it was for my own good.
Yet you never gave up, you never lost hope,
In difficult times, you helped me cope.
As time went by and i grew,
I started realizing life's value.
I understood that you were always there for me,
And how blind I was, I did not see.
You helped me conquer all my fears,
you dried away all my tears.
Yet i hurt you, i made you cry,
you took it all without a sigh.
You always tried to get me on the right line,
so that one day like a star, I can shine.
From today I have decided that i will never let you down,
because i cannot bear to see you frown.
I will bring back that smile on your face,
and emerge successful in life's race.
Just be there with me always dear mum,
and together we will see life's precious gifts come.
Mumma you are my best friend 
and this friendship will never end

P.S. i wrote this poem for my mum on her birthday.........writing poems is 1 of my hobbies

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

is luck as important as hardwork

there is a very well known saying' success=99%perspiration+1%inspiration........oki maybe the 1% inspiration is true, but 99%perspiration???????perspiration obviously refers to hard work....but does only hard work really bring you success??i guess not.for instance Madam Curie. it is a well known fact that she discovered radium. but did she toil hard to discover it. no! it was a mistake she committed in her experiment which led to the discovery of radium. so here hard work did not come into was sheer luck!!!!the well known famous Amitabh Bachchans Aishwarya Rai's i mean Abhishekh Bachchan........did you get what i wanted to portray?????no? oki the poor junior bachchan is still struggling to make an identity of his own..all his life he will be tagged as the formers son or the latter's husband, until he does something extraordinary! here there is luck overflowing. maybe you can say that he was born with a golden spoon. but in vain, luck has not favored him . we have Sonia Gandhi who is a dynamic personality on the political front. she is the pseudo prime minister you can say. but inspite of all the hard work she puts in she can never become the pm. i guess you know why! lets get to the wider aspect of this 'luck factor'. there were so many people who did not enter the ill fated WTC on that dooms day just because they missed a train or woke up late.....i consider that luck. and that luck saved their lives. they did not work hard to get late! did they? they emerged successful in life's race!. the very fact that you get up each day, can walk, can talk, can eat etc just shows that luck is on your side. you never when this luck will leave you and 1 day you may never wake up. so where does all the hard work go? well i am not being luck centric. just pointing out certain aspects and events which show that luck is equally important to be successful. so lets change the formula to SUCCESS=50%PERSPIRATION+49%LUCK+1%INSPIRATION

movies vs story books

this is 1 very interesting topic i chose to write on. it was one of the topics for my gd. 

firstly lets divide the movies:- those inspired by story books and those based on the story books. the former are those which take ideas from the books and the latter are those which are carbon copies of the books.the pictures above show a movie inspired from a book. 3 idiots was a movie inspired by chetan bhagats 5.some1..............not a carbon copy as the story lines deviated in the second half of the film. we have the namesake, an excellent adaptation of the book...i must say it is a very good attempt to make a film based on this book. then we have P.S. I LOVE YOU.......the film did not live upto my expectations. the book helped emote more. how much can you film from a 3 hours it is practically impossible to film a 300 page book....right???????????then the twilight series........i have personally read none but have friends who have read all....they told me the book was much better than the movies.......yes they could be right. a good movie is based on the type of producers, the director, the actors, the shooting and much more. a flaw in any of them would leave the audiences either confused or wanting for more or maybe disappointed...well some say that reading books improves your vocabulary but today with channels like star movies and hbo and pix giving subtitles, you not only get to learn new words but also you get their correct pronunciation.fairy tales like alice in wonderland will always be referred to as a fairy tale(novel) not really as a movie.but how many people can really read novels. a 300 page book white with black print.....yawn!!!!!!!some cannot read but can clearly understand by mere speech. so here movies score a point.also we have Shakespeare who had the most polished and high usage of words. his play othello was translated to omkara and thus many around came to know that a play called othello existed.......the passion of excellent movie which brought about awareness among the audiences and depicted the way in which Jesus Christ was tortured and put to death. not many knew the pain he went through until they saw it. how many would read the HOLY BIBLE where it was written........
MY TAKE: movies are good for those who have no time to read books and books are for those who like to get their imagination running wild and who have a bend towards reading.........
P.S. i hardly read books.........

shadows of life

this picture was taken long long before at juhu beach. it was around 7am in the morning. my friend and i went there for a morning walk..the sand there was so smooth that the sun found its way to reflect us. this is 1 of my favourite pictures because long legs and me are still thick friends. the sand here brings to my mind a short but beautiful story. it goes like this" once there were 2 good friends walking along the sea shore. as they walked along they had an altercation which resulted into one of them slapping the other. the slapped guy bent down and with his finger wrote on the sand'MY FRIEND SLAPPED ME'. the friend was confused but did not bother as the fury within him was still smoking. a few days later they again walked along the sea shore. this time they were were very happy and the friend who slapped the other, kissed him today. the friend searched a huge rock and on it with a stone he engraved"MY FRIEND KISSED ME". this shocked his friend.he instantly questioned his friend about the former and latter writings.his friend politely replied' when you slapped me i felt hurt so i wrote it on sand so that the waves would wash it but when you kissed me i engraved it on rock so that it remained there forever'" i guess the story is self explanatory. so, "NEVER LET HURT RESIDE WITHIN YOU BUT LET GOOD DEEDS STAY ENGRAVED IN YOU"

innocence over boxes of ethanol

kids have a habit of exploring stuff which seems new. well this picture is of my baby cousin exploring the unexplored heights of ethanol. she hardly even knows that it is abysmal for her. thats what i call innocence.
this was a family party and thus the boxes are self baby cousin, mandy, is just a year and a half and i must say that she is pretty smart for her age. well metaphorically not referring to the image. she is pretty independent. she eats on her own, plays on her own.....thats like a lot for her a group of people she never gets nervy instead her sunny character relieves you of all worries.i guess she believes that she can conquer the world.......and yes she can!!!!!